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Who We Are

Mark Harling
Consultant | Therapist

I am a business consultant creative facilitator Person Centred Approach therapist. I support individuals and organisations on their transformation journeys, helping them create the conditions for success.

Im an eternal learner and questioner. I seek to make a contribution to people and organisations reaching their full potential. During our time together, I will strive to help you understand your strengths and gain awareness about your inner processes.

I work and create with my colleagues and professionals from all around the world.

Angela Pezzano
Educator | Facilitator | Dot Joiner

With over 20 years’ experience in the Education and Creative sectors, I have a strong passion and understanding of the role of creative problem solving for teams and individuals. This has been the drive for me to find tools, techniques and people to allow for collaborative, empathetic and engaging opportunities.

My various education, experience and roles have gifted me significant knowledge and skills in teaching, project management, broad stakeholder engagement and workshop facilitation. Integrating diverse elements such as LEGO® Serious Play®, The Empathy Toy® and Music/Drama Story Sharing platforms allows me to provide an innovative, adaptable and potential-seeking approach to me professional and personal being – inviting people to think differently therefore do differently.

Not afraid of asking the hard questions, I consider that conversations are about listening and usually always worth having and that they just aren’t as complete until they include a “Yes, and..” or “What if…”

What People Say

When a strategy is outlined and delivered to a company by its leadership team, too often it is not received well, nor is it easily accepted, willingly implemented or successful. Usually this is because everyone else has not participated in its elaboration.

Mark Harling from Yinsight, has enabled us to design, understand and implement our strategies whilst supporting us, so as to deploy these approaches in accordance to our company’s culture. Through personalised programs and mastered methodologies, Mark has skillfully facilitated our workshops where we have transformed the way in which we collaborate; we have created a climate of trust and have managed to design and apply our vision as a connected team.

We are grateful to Mark for his great professionalism, for removing judgement, for his compassion and empathy, allowing us not only to design our strategies and goals but experience and achieve them. It was a real pleasure to work with Mark. See less

Philippe Tacconi

Airbus Digitalisation & CoC AOS Senior Expert, Airbus

Mark and I used to work for the same company, in the same plant… but we’d never met! Why not? Just because Mark found his truth and path before me. But nothing happens by chance. I met Mark when he supported an empowered collective approach within the Department I worked for. There, we agreed to start my individual coaching, based upon my strengths, using the Clifton Strengths Finder as a basis.

I would like to thank him sincerely for his questioning and listen capacities. It was so helpful for me to examine all misalignments between norms, professional expectations & my intrinsic values. Mark provided me with many varied ways and tools that helped me move on… I’m now following the right way, I have found my path. With patience and trust in myself, I will succeed.

Aude Tavernier


“When you’re in a Slump,
you’re not in for much fun.
Un-slumping yourself
Is not easily done.”
—Dr. Seuss

Mark is a gentle genius and a patient coach who can get you out of a Slump. He held up the mirror for me this year. He kept me focused on self-reflection even when all I wanted to do was entertain him with stories from my adventures.
Thanks to Mark’s coaching, I notice which activities energize me most. I understand how to use my strengths for maximum impact and how to explain them to others. I don’t feel defined by “what I used to be” or stuck on how to move forward. I’m out of the Slump!
Emily Nichols


Our Contribution

We believe that all organisations have the power to change the world for the better.  To find new ways of thinking, conducting and being in business. Small ways of giving back can have a big impact.


In partnership with ARTA Handicap – adapting work tasks for people with disabilities. With their inspiring and incredible work ethic, they are the hard working elves who reorganise my LEGO® kits for workshops.


Aware of the impact travel has on our atmosphere, we try to make a small difference by contributing three dollars per hour in flight to One Tree Planted who contribute to community projects.

You can show support with us;

Here is the link towards our fundraiser page.