Your Creative Ikigai – Online

Are you searching for meaning?

Do you question yourself in respect to your work? Relationships? Goals?

Have you been seeking to find life-balance – does anyone you know even know what that actually means? – let alone ever achieved it and lived to tell the story?

Perhaps you’re going through a ‘phase’.  Facing a transition period?  Another need for change – [this one is often disguised as a ‘wardrobe clean out’ or moving furniture in a room]

Ikigai derives from a Japanese expression, which means ‘Reason for being’

– a process individuals can use as a bridge, to find that reason.

Using a creative and fun method, incorporating your whole self and intuitive thought, we will accompany you in seeking your Ikigai and have designed this workshop for you to:

  • Participate in a series of individual and group moments,
  • Meet a bundle of great, like-minded people online,
  • Feed your mind, access your strengths, be inspired, make a positive impact on your life – Discover, learn, experience.
  • Be given some brain food and prototype your thoughts with provided materials and a unique and fun method.

You are encouraged to share your journey with the other participants during the process, however, if and what you share is entirely up to you.

Please note we will need to send materials to you in advance and therefore require your booking to be confirmed one week prior.

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  • Facilitated Ikigai program
  • Connection to Zoom Videoconferencing
  • Your Ikigai prototyping kit sent to you by post

Required Financial Offering | $220 per person

Your Ikigai Facilitators

Mark Harling


I am a business consultant – creative facilitator – Person Centered Approach therapist. I support individuals and organisations on their transformation journeys, helping them create the conditions for success.

I’m an eternal learner and questioner, and I seek to make a contribution to people and organisations reaching their full potential. During our time together, I will strive to help you understand your strengths and gain awareness about your inner processes.

I am here to support you on your path to finding your Ikigai through one to one connection.

Angela Pezzano

Aprone | Co-Squared

Educator | Facilitator | Dot Joiner

Whether you’re obligated to be or find yourself voluntarily in my presence, you may notice my passion for conversation, making up words and providing positive, enriching and challenging learning experiences.

My more than normal interest in sticky notes supports my skills in Creative Problem Solving and nurtures my curiosity of how we might work and use tools and techniques to play; so as to collaborate and encourage new thinking.
All whilst sharing values of respect – for others and self – acceptance and truth.

Without Googling it, I’ve also managed to work out; it’s gooder with creativity.

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Disclosure – The information contained in this communication is being received by your good self – subject to you being a great person and is intended therefore for you to be the recipient and to participate – Whilst we are quite sure you will find your Ikigai, or the likes of something that is somewhat near to it, if nothing else, you will indeed have a lovely time, perhaps make a friend. It will be entirely your responsibility to develop your own opinion and responses on both of these and are obliged to share neither with us, others, or any other platform people may or may not be interested in following. We have not included any due diligence in this booking, you won’t be forced to make any changes you don’t want to, you will however need to continue living with yourself, your decisions, the choices you make and the outcomes of these. Please note this may be more difficult for you in the future if you haven’t participated in the Ikigai workshop with us, just saying.