My customers share their experience

Customer feedback, knowing how you did helps to continuously improve your consulting, training and facilitation.

Customer feedback, knowing how you did helps to continuously improve your consulting, training and facilitation.

Here are 3 customer experiences I wanted to share with you. You can find the rest here.

Pharmaceutical industry – One-to-one manager coaching and team coaching

Markus Müller – Global Head PD Medical Affairs Nucleus – June 2023

As the Global Head of Nucleus, I want to express my appreciation for the invaluable collaboration with Mark throughout recent months. Our partnership has been a wonderful journey that has enhanced my understanding of the influence of my actions on the team and vice versa. By looking into team behavior, I gained profound insights into how my leadership behaviors shape the team dynamics or how team behaviors seen could have been supported by leadership behaviors.

Working with Mark has been an exceptional experience. His listening skills, insightful inquiries, his breath of knowledge & experiences, and encouragement have proven invaluable. Our sessions were intense and gave me lots of energy – they had a profound impact.

One of the most remarkable achievements during our collaboration was identifying key team behaviors and uncovering how even small adjustments in my leadership style could trigger significant transformations. Seeing connections, helped me to reflect and I started acting differently. Despite the team being divided into sub-teams and individuals, my objective was to unite them around a shared approach. To my surprise, a single morning spent engaging in Lego Serious Play activities brought the entire team together, rallying behind four crucial behaviors. This unexpected revelation left a lasting impression and exceeded my initial expectations.

Overall, after just a few hours of focused sessions, I have seen already changes in how I react and I have seen tremendous improvements in the quality of conversations during the 1:1 conversations with my team members. I am sincerely grateful for the invaluable insights I have gained, the changes triggered and the profoundly positive impact it has had on me and the team. I strongly believe we are changing for the better, making us a better team, and taking better decisions.

I feel extremely grateful and privileged to have the opportunity to work with Mark. His support and contributions have been absolutely fantastic, and I sincerely believe that every leader could benefit from the type of dedicated and competent assistance that he provides.

Aerospace industry – One to one manager coaching

Yann Murer – DDMS, Industrial Large Solution Leader – April 2021

Mark is a recognised expert in Lean and change management.

He gave me invaluable support on these two subjects when I was managing a complex industrial transformation project at the Airbus plant in Saint-Nazaire. First of all, he made sure that I and my team had the basic knowledge to survive and provided me with training and tools whenever necessary. But he went beyond basic teaching and helped me realise what was really essential to the project, directing me to the right questions rather than directly spotting the answers… which is very powerful because the voyage of discovery was – and still is – mine.

And, incidentally, Mark is a great team builder or team energiser… Thank you Mark!

Social care sector – Management consulting

Charline VINET – Head of Caregiver Resource Centre 85 – January 2024

I can highly recommend working with Mark Harling. He was able to support us with pedagogy and patience as we implemented our internal development. The tools are adapted to our professional reality. They are interactive and make it easy to get involved in the training. The dialogue is fluid and coherent and has enabled us to make progress, more personally, in my managerial posture. Thank you very much.