Change From Within

“We believe that the true test of an organisation’s character, is what it’s members do when no one is watching.”

John Wooden

What We Do

Unlimited. Immense. Thinking.


Provides opportunities for teams and individuals to welcome the unknown and the unsure to the conversations.

To allow for growth where it’s desired and for change when required; professionally and personally.


No limits.

Helping you discover your full potential and mapping the path to reach it.




Yinsight plants the questions that asks people to think about their thinking. Provoking their truth and providing the balance of perception and overarching reasoning.

Latest Yinsights

From Ground Rules to Air Rules

From Ground Rules to Air Rules

With students and teachers heading into remote learning in the term ahead, Life Lab is no exception with it's content and format adapting so as to continue to engage children in their learning and further developing and practising life skills. We'll take our ground...