Our Services

Part of my services is to facilitate groups, I offer a smile as well as guidance!

Custom Solutions and Deep Involvement


Being deeply involved means that if you want to solve your issues, improve your business and are ready to do what it takes, I’ll be there all the way with you. As a consultant, I want to see results too and there is no greater satisfaction for me than seeing your organisation grow, learn and transform.

I design custom solutions because your context and culture are unique.


I offer 3 types of services to support you on your journey towards sustainable improvement and transformation:



Vue d'un atelier de production

Being a consultant is to understand the root cause of your difficulties and find the right levers to make a change. This is done by going to see those impacted by the issues daily and who produce the value in your processes. That may take many forms from observing the shopfloor in a factory or visualising invisible information flows in an office.


Strategic transformation

Performance improvement and continuous improvement:

  • Improving operational performance (Quality, Delivery, Throughput…)
  • Creating an organisational culture that fosters performance and innovation
  • I can adapt to your corporate performance system (Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, World Class Manufacturing, Theory of Constraints…)

Management consulting

Supporting business owners, managers, management teams so they can lead the transformation:

  • Give guidance for understanding conflicts or complex situations
  • Custom support on topics like capability building, strategy design, management skills, people skills, coaching, etc.
  • Providing a systemic approach (Palo Alto school) to interpersonal dynamics in the workplace

Team development

Understanding self and other and building team alignment and cohesion:


    Facilitation d'un atelier Lego Serious Play

    Facilitation is the art of being present for the group to help it explore the topic at hand and absent enough to not be part of it or hold it back. In this case, I had to compose with a rather unhelpful and fixed room configuration.


    I will create each workshop to reach your objectives based upon your needs and context. It is often necessary as a team to set time aside from the business of operations to work on important themes. It’s an investment in the future and my role as a facilitator is to help you find your own solutions and help build engagement so that you will save time in the implementation phase.

    Based upon what you would like to achieve from the workshop, I will design the steps and framework that will take your team on the journey to deliver the desired outcome. I can design workshops for:



    Discussion en formation devant un tableau blanc

    Training doesn’t have to be a presentation with slides, it’s also an on-the-job discussion around real life problems, bringing in theory and experience to learn and adapt to the case at hand.


    Training is a privileged moment to acquire new competences and an investment for the organisation. I’m not talking about the video trainings that you do online and fast forward to answer the quiz at the end and tick the corporate box. I’m talking about real-life training that you will apply to your situation.

    To make the most of this investment and make it the most effective possible, I deliver action training: I give the knowledge and theory out in small doses followed by implementation on-the-job. The next session starts with what the participants have learnt, and any difficulties encountered or questions that have arisen.

    In this way, each participant can gage their understanding and apply the teaching to their real-life situation. Training is therefore not a theoretical exercise, but a true learning experience with some coaching on the difficulties encountered. The aim is to build capabilities within each participant and ensure pragmatic knowledge transfer.

    I offer training in the 3 following areas:

    • Any tools necessary to support the ongoing transformation.
    • Problem-solving methodologies
    • Manager training