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A propos de Mark Harling et les Hommes de Yinsight et leurs compétences.

My name is Mark Harling and I’m the founder of Yinsight. As you might guess, I’m originally from the UK, but that’s not all…

Trained as a mechanical engineer, I have over 20 years’ experience as a process engineer and continuous improvement expert in a wide range of industries: consumer goods, automotive and aerospace manufacturers, medical, logistics services. I subsequently extended my experience to the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, as well as biotech and artificial intelligence start-ups.

Bilingual in English and French, I have worked in multicultural and matrix environments.

Over the years, I have trained and practised change management as well as individual and collective coaching. To this end, I have supported entities ranging in size from 6 to 2,500 people in their field transformation.

Since 2017, I have been self-employed and specialise in solving organisational problems with this dual technical and human science skill set.

I specialise in complex situations and interpersonal dynamics, with the essential ability to make analysis and solutions accessible to all concerned.

Today, I’m involved in developing personalised strategic solutions geared towards performance and well-being. I’m convinced that together we can give meaning to work and ensure that it also serves those who do it.

I use a wide range of tools and adapt them to suit your situation. I am a certified Lego® Serious Play® facilitator.


Yinsight’s partners


You don’t know how to do everything and neither do I! My main aim is to provide you with a holistic, coherent, and reliable response to your problems. That’s why I’ve surrounded myself with an ecosystem of reliable people who are experts in their field, so that I can respond to your most varied needs while keeping to the essential.

Working in a complex environment requires collaboration, a variety of talents and going where the needs take us. At Yinsight, everything is tailor-made. I don’t sell one size fits all solutions; I look for the solution best suited to your context.


Charlotte Le Doyen

Charlotte Le Doyen

Super Admin | People Connector

Charlotte uses her wealth of experience to provide multilingual administrative support and administer Yinsight’s content. She keeps our back office running smoothly and helps Mark create the content we share online. She works part-time for us and the rest of her time as a freelancer at Yimsoo.

Charlotte will easily respond to your needs and come up with thoughtful solutions to help you. If she can’t help, she’ll dip into her extensive network of professionals to find someone who can. Charlotte is adaptable and enjoys bringing value to her clients by meeting their unique needs.