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Yinsight – Change from Within means transforming your ways of thinking and doing to achieve sustainable performance.

Are you seeking a consultant who will help and be involved in your success?


Yinsight is bespoke consultancy born from wearing out safety shoes on the shopfloor and the boardroom. My name is Mark Harling and I believe in proving value and growth to my clients, creating the conditions for sustainable performance.

I have extensive industrial experience as an employee and have been confronted by many of the issues you face. I am well aware of the impact of organisational issues on those working for you, on the quality of your products and services, on your productivity, and on the long-term survival of your organisation.

In a world run by finances, most actions focus on cost and cash, often ignoring throughput and without identifying the interconnected components in the production system. I combine my passion and experience to transform your issues into a systemic solution.

I will help you create the conditions for success and performance with strategic and pragmatic action plans. I believe that solid foundations help build a management team that can lead their team to achieving their desired goals.

Yinsight offers the following solutions:

  • Improving performance (continuous improvement / innovation / long term transformation)
  • Managing crisis situations (root cause analysis / complexity management / action plan)
  • Developing teams so they can perform (workshops / seminars)
  • On the job coaching and development (management coaching / team coaching)
  • Training (problem solving / management training / lean manufacturing, etc.)

Each of my consultancy missions is customised to your needs and context. I don’t believe in short cuts, but I do vouch for using a systems approach to identify the best lever to shift the situation whilst making wise use of your time and resources.

Yinsight is here to help you achieve your goals, be fully involved in creating the factors that lead to your success.

“We believe that the true test of an organisation’s character, is what it’s members do when no one is watching.”

John Wooden

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