Change From Within

“We believe that the true test of an organisation’s character, is what it’s members do when no one is watching.”

John Wooden

What We Do

Unlimited. Immense. Thinking.


Provides opportunities for teams and individuals to welcome the unknown and the unsure to the conversations.

To allow for growth where it’s desired and for change when required; professionally and personally.


No limits.

Helping you discover your full potential and mapping the path to reach it.




Yinsight plants the questions that asks people to think about their thinking. Provoking their truth and providing the balance of perception and overarching reasoning.

Latest Yinsights

Our contribution to the environment

Our contribution to the environment

As part of trying to do our bit for the world, Yinsight donated 1335€ towards planting trees over the last 2 years. One Tree Planted is changing their fund raiser partner so we're starting afresh here: If...

Iki-Oz: your creative Ikigai in Australia

Iki-Oz: your creative Ikigai in Australia

In a time of wondering and uncertainty for all due to the Corona virus (and before the confinement and social distancing measures), our Ikigai workshop helped participants sit on the veranda of their life and reflect upon their Iki-Journey. The beautiful Macedon...

Life Lab pilot program

Life Lab pilot program

Today I’m really excited about the launch of our Life Lab program in a school in Melbourne. Angela Pezzano and I have designed a course for children aged 5 to 12 which aims to develop creative problem-solving skills for understanding and dealing with their stuckness....