We asked students if they think their parents had a good balance between responsibilities and having fun? Quite unanimously, the shaking of the heads and “No way” being called out gave us the answer. There were ah-ha moments when students realised that making a choice is different to managing a polarity. They learned that both parts need to co-exist; what we need to do (i.e. our responsibilities) and what we would like to do (i.e. have fun) need to be friends. How might they avoid the loop of too much of one or the other…? Their LEGO builds helped them explain their ideas; Here are some of their offerings: Setting a timer and creating a schedule so we know how much time is being spent in each part. Accept that school or work time is dedicated to working time and home is relaxing time. Then the rather specific solution from a Yr. 5 student; “I’ll just get a job wiping down the playgrounds [cleaning them for COVID] because that way I can do something I enjoy as work coz I’ll also get to play.” As we adults sometimes struggle to find a balance, it sounds like our children notice it. How might we learn from our children?