Whilst our Life Lab program was going to use LEGO® Serious Play® every now and then as a tool for students to debrief and further understand their learning, it’s apparent now if I don’t bring the LEGO® to my next session, there may well be a mutiny.

We had planned an exercise building the turtle to make them work on which part of problem solving they feel drawn to, be it clarifying the situation at hand, finding ideas for solutions, developing pragmatic solutions from the sometimes magical thinking ideas, actually putting solutions in place, or any combination of the above.

The children got very attached to their models and wanted to make sure that they could find their model again. For some, it was a sad moment to have to let their model return to its box.

Between observing the various ways in which students unpack and approach the task, the conversations amongst their busy fingers and the natural and unplanned play that occurred afterwards, I was glad I trusted the Process.

Indeed, I am the learner as the teacher; my promise I will keep – Yes Year 2 students, I promise I will bring LEGO® again next time.