Our contribution

At Yinsight, we believe that organisations of any shape or form have the power to change to world. They have a choice to either contribute to our current human and ecological disasters or find ways to solve these challenges by contributing to their ecosystem whilst finding new ways of thinking and doing business.

Our mission is to help organisations transform in this holistic manner and I have asked myself how I could contribute at my level: what could Yinsight do to contribute to changing the world with our means?

Today, I contribute in two ways that have meaning for me:

I provide work for disabled people

I have a partnership with a French establishment, ESAT (Etablissements et services d’aide par le travail), that provides adapted work for disabled employees. After each of my Lego Serious Play workshops, the ESAT reconditions my kits for my next clients.

This work is particularly well adapted for the disabled employees of this company and they find it rather amusing each time I bring them the boxes: I am the person that plays with Lego for his work!

Since I started doing this, my practice has evolved and I found a solution that would be cheaper for me and avoid reconditioning. However, I have chosen to continue using the original solution because I feel that it is a meaningful way for me and my company to contribute to the community.

I have a personal investment in supporting disability as I suffered from a road accident that left me with a handicap. It’s a very personal thing.

I compensate my airline travel by planting trees

I travel by airplane to see my clients and was seeking a way to compensate for that. This realisation came to me after I made a booking mistake. I was in Brussels, needed to get back home to Nantes and my only option was a Bruxelles-Barcelone-Nantes flight! My heart sank as I felt that all my Carbon emissions efforts for the year had just been voided.

Now, I record the time spent in flight and contribute 3$ per flight hour to the One Tree Planted website. Here is the link towards our fundraiser page.

Again, this has a very personal meaning as my childhood dream was to but vast expanses of land to plant forests on them. This is a way for me to transform childhood utopia into a meaningful and actionable contribution.

The Lotus flower symbol: It is said that the Lotus flower is a symbol of spiritual accomplishment. This beautiful flower with the most subtle perfume also grows in the mud. Whatever our situation may be, there is something we can do to contribute to a greater whole that is important for us.