This post describes the genesis of the Life Lab School Program and the intention behind it.

Half of my experience in industry was spent finding ways to solve problems – mostly technical ones with a sprinkle of human ones. I dealt with complex issues and revelled in finding solutions.  Until one day. 

I met Super Stuckness. I was stumped. I was faced with simple technical problems and yet nobody wanted to implement the solutions. I had no idea how to overcome resistance or why it was there in the first place.

That started the journey of discovery – of self and others, which led me to 6 years training as a Person Centred Approach Therapist and Supervisor. I have since encountered Super Stuckness many times in my work with others, feeling disempowered, not knowing what to do or how, caught up in my own doubts and fears, incapable of finding a way out.

As I work deeper in the fields of adult development and helping leaders and teams navigate complexity, I realised that most of my ‘stuckness’ was because I was applying what I knew rather than what was needed by the situation I was facing.

I started working on the foundational elements for this course to help managers be more effective in their role and transformation initiatives. When I met my business partner Angela Pezzano – facilitator and educator – it seemed that children would be ideal candidates for transferring these skills.

We developed this course together, bringing together facilitation skills, professional experience and our understanding of children’s needs.

This course is born from past learning and experience with the hope to foster valuable and necessary situational skills in tomorrow’s leaders; our children.