What if, in order to progress in our careers and find fulfillment at work, we built upon our strengths rather than focusing on what we lack? What if we focused on what we do best?

After conducting polls and surveys around the world, on a sample of 10 million people, the American company Gallup has isolated 34 “talents” that make it possible to achieve excellence. They developed an assessment that allows you to identify the your main talents: what works naturally for you.

I find this test very interesting:

      • On an individual level, to enable the people I coach to get to know themselves better and develop their strengths in a way they can immediately apply to their work situation.
      • On a collective level, for workshops in companies. Knowing the talents of your team members helps you understand them better, and improve the ways you work together.

You can do this test yourself. But the advantage of calling on the services of a coach trained in the method is that you can go further and make the most of the results.

      • You will gain an understanding of your talents in detail, and together we will seek examples of how they manifest themselves in your daily life.
      • You will see how your talents can interact with each other: how they can create powerful combinations with each other, what you need to be aware of, and when they could do you a disservice.
      • I will suggest exercises you can do to make the most of your talents on a daily basis and within your current context.
      • In a group setting, with my help, you will identify the talents of your team members, so that communication and collaboration run more smoothly.

If you’d like to find out more about the assessment itself, or the support I offer, drop me a line!