Are we born with an affinity for management or is it a learnt skill set?

In my years of practice , I’ve noticed how common it is for good technicians and non-managers be promoted within a company to take on a management role. Employees can find themselves in charge of a team, sometimes overnight.

And it’s not always easy! So, although I think it is beyond the scope of this post to answer my question, I do believe that management training is essential to give the manager the levers to perform the role you need within your organisation.

The challenges of the manager’s job

A manager deals with people and issues for which they are not necessarily equipped.

They may find themselves a little lost at the head of a team and ask themselves a lot of questions:

  • What kind of manager do I want to be?
  • What should be my relationship with my employees?
  • How do I define the roles and missions of each member of my team?
  • How can I learn to say no and set limits without coming across as a tyrant?
  • What does authority mean to me?
  • How can I support, encourage and develop my team?

But the question that comes up most often is: How do I manage the performance of my teams? What do I put in place to ensure they perform well?

What Yinsight does to support managers in their new role

I can help them to :

  • Help them answer the questions they have and adopt the posture they feel is most appropriate to their style and context.
  • Structure their new job and the tasks it entails.
  • Provide them with operational support and coaching in real-life situations.

Sometimes a manager may have a very precise idea of what they want to achieve and how: it’s very clear in their head. But they may have difficulty implementing what they want because their team is not yet mature enough to understand the instructions, or the roles within the team are not clearly defined.

In such cases, my intervention can help to get everything back on track and ensure that everyone understands each other so that we can move forward faster and further.

If you’re wondering about your management style, don’t worry, you’re not the only one! Give me a call and I’ll help you find your feet!