Creativity isn’t the world of Care Bears, it’s a world of resources.

That’s what I thought to myself the other day in Italy, during CREA conference, after numerous enriching conversations with consultants and facilitators from all over the world. It’s hard for me to describe this annual event to you, it’s so fulfilling and vibrant. It’s a goldmine of resources for organizations, and yet creativity is underestimated by the working world.

Creativity, especially in a technical world, is often seen as a superfluous concept, a kind of amusement. When I talk about it, I’m often told: “OK Mark, that sounds very interesting, but we’ll do it when we’ve got time” or, “It’s not on the agenda, because we’ve got more pressing problems to deal with”.

Creativity is exactly what you need to solve your tough problems! Perhaps we should talk more accurately about creative methodology? Because that’s really what it is: a set of tools, processes and conditions, all orchestrated by a facilitator, to bring about concrete solutions to your complex problems.

And that’s precisely what the CREA conference is all about: exploring techniques to help people get out of their concrete problems:

  • Working methods
  • Collective intelligence
  • What’s new

With tools, mindset and enrichment, I can help your teams adapt to the real world challenges, learn to deal with more complexity and uncertainty, work better together and perform where they struggle today.

Because the more we move towards a complex and uncertain world, the more we need to be comfortable with exploration and ambiguity. It couldn’t be more concrete!