In my consulting approach, I like to get involved alongside the teams. If you’re asking for help, I want to provide the support you need.

What makes the difference in my approach is that I’m a hands-on person, I go where the value takes place, where I can fully understand what is going on and find the root causes of the issue at hand.

I also like to get as close as possible to the people affected by the considered changes. In the past, I’ve already been in their shoes or similar ones in my career in the industries, services and organizations I’ve worked with. And I put myself in the same conditions as them during my interventions, so I can observe the environment and processes from the inside, and fully understand their issues and viewpoints. If we want to an organisation to change, we need to start from the viewpoint of those affected and bridge the gap from there towards to the desired end goal.

I get fully involved in the results and outcomes of my approach because I love to help eradicate problems and witness true change and transformation in my customers.