As part of our return to classroom learning, we held conversations with our Life Lab students to reflect upon online learning; Here are a few ingredients worth keeping in the learning pot from our Year 1 and 2 students on their experience of distance learning.

Whilst no mute buttons were requested (by students that is, teachers may have a different view), we wanted to share some of their thoughts;

 “At school I have to do things when it’s their time…you have to wait for other people.  At home I could keep going and go ahead when I want to.”

“Mediting. When it all got frustrating, I could do the mediting.”
I asked; “Did you find meditating helpful?”
“No..” she politely answered; “That’s the different one, this one works and helped me.”

“My computer helped.  And my headphones, so all the others didn’t interrupt me.”

“It made me better at schoolwork if I practised it.”

It appears to be a theme of positive learning experiences when children are able to manage some of the parts that help them, especially if they’ve had input to which parts.