Am I part of the solution?

The children reflected this week about various types of life situations and whether they feel they should get involved to solve them or not. There were no correct answers, only an understanding of what motivated them.

If the neighbour’s tomatoes didn’t grow this season, some would say it doesn’t affect them whilst others displayed empathy and would be wanting to help them grow some more. Time after time, we were deeply touched by the compassion these children have for their fellow humans.

We gave them an example situation, that someone had dumped rubbish on the beach and asked the students to build a LEGO model representing that situation, putting themselves in it.

It was awesome to hear their replies. Some of them sat and watched with disgust, others picked up the rubbish alone or involved friends and family. We had some incredible flying machines that would pick up the rubbish and some would even recycle and repurpose it.

At an age where magical thinking is a great part of one’s life, it’s a valuable skill to learn when you’re affected by a situation, whether you can solve it alone, with help, or can dream big for the most wonderful solutions to our World’s not so wonderful problems.