During my work with Roche, I was able to demonstrate the effectiveness of the systemic approach.

  • Systemic thinking means considering elements/teams in dynamic inter-relationship, analyzing the nature of these relationships, and finding pragmatic and creative ways to change these dynamics when the effects are undesirable.

When working with a group, it is often difficult, if not impossible, to work individually with each player (for reasons of time, capacity or limited motivation of individual members).

  • In this particular case, after observing the different systems at play, we realized that there was one central element: the manager. And by changing the manager’s leading style and behaviours in a differentiated way within each system, we invited all the players to shift their behaviours and unblock each situation.

The systemic approach produces spectacular results in a short space of time: the proof is in the results (apart from this superb testimonial left on my LinkedIn profile from Markus that I helped with his team): In 3 months, Markus’ team engagement survey results improved by 12-points (from 71% to 83%) between the beginning and end of the Yinsight mission.

The systemic approach is very powerful and a pragmatic way to influence relational dynamics in a respectful way.

Once again, I’d like to thank Markus for his trust and commitment to our work together.