How do you assess a person’s ability to adapt to an unfamiliar environment?

How do you know if a future member of your team will be able to adapt to the new environment?

Will the person you wish to promote be able to handle the increased level of complexity? 🧐

A really powerful test for answering these kinds of questions is the CPP (Cognitive Process Profile), a tool I’m particularly fond of. I find it extremely useful in human resources, or for learning to manage the complexity of one’s environment.

You will take a 1 to 3 hour online assessment at your own pace where you are given an exercise in an unfamiliar situation. There are no right or wrong answers. The test will mainly observe your reaction and the way you think and problem solve, to indicate your preferences and cognitive abilities. There are no ideal abilities, only abilities that are appropriate to your context, and that is what you will learn from this assessment. 🎯

The CPP will tell you which work environments that are best suited to you, your learning potential, your development needs, and so on. It will serve as a basis for coaching to develop your potential, or help you find a role that suits your abilities.

A concrete example of the application of CPP in my coaching work: A manager was having trouble with his team. He was aggressive towards team members and poor performance. He had been promoted for his excellent abilities and was unrecognisable. After taking the CPP, he realised that he had been put in an environment that was too much of a stretch and without any preparation. This had created intense stress for. He decided that he wanted to go back to something more comfortable and known. A few months later, he was successful again, loved by his new team and… feeling relaxed!

We are currently supporting a team of internal consultants for an organisation who land varied and unknown projects constantly. We are using the CPP as a team tool and will happily report back on the results soon.