Come and join us at Crea Conference 2018 for our Immersion program: Building Future Organizations from the Here and Now!


Ingrid De Clercq and would like to invite you to join us for our immersion program this year.

This is an experiential workshop. We are not going to tell you how to make transformation for the future. We are going to create conditions for you to experiment with it. Our hope is that we will create our own group culture for the day and learn from it. We are asking you to take a step into the unknown and trust the process that we are offering. Together, we will explore new organizational structures and practices from the standpoint of building an authentic sharing group.

Who knows what is going to emerge from our time together?

There is only one condition. We ask for your commitment to stick with the process throughout the day. You can’t drop out!

Learning Objectives:

  • Practice candor by speaking up and being responsible for the success of the group;
  • Learn to stay together through periods of doubt, anxiety, anger, depression, even despair… and maybe joy; and
  • Experience a way of transforming organizations by relating to each other with a difference.

Our immersion will be run in English with French support as we are both fluent.

Interested? Find out more right here!