Something I hear too often is that strategy is only useful for large corporations.

A few days ago, I was invited by a small business close to Nantes, to organize a workshop dedicated to creating a strategy and vision for one of their revenue streams.

Defining a strategy is no more and no less than taking a step back and asking yourself some concrete questions: What are we doing? What are we going to do in the future? How will business evolve?

And it’s in every company’s interest to ask these questions: from the self-employed entrepreneur, through to the middled sized company, right up to the big corporation.

There are two categories among the customers I work with

      • Those who already know where they want to go: we take the foundations, the current situation, and build on both to get where we want to go -> Straight to the point
      • Those for whom it’s not quite clear yet. Sometimes, you’re moving forward a little blindly, with too many grey areas, or with too much complexity. In this case, we also talk about strategy, but an adaptive one: we try small things, which don’t involve major investments or risks. We develop what works; and dampen what doesn’t -> Test and learn

Whatever the size of your company, and whatever stage you’re at today, organizing a workshop to prepare your future is always a valuable way to spend your time, today!