This Christmas I bought my children a box of assorted googly eyes. 👀 You can stick them on any surface and they immediately transform an inert object into something with a personality of sorts. 🧙‍♂️

Well, what I hoped to achieve with this was that my children would look at common objects under a different light. It worked! Soon they started sticking them everywhere that took their fancy. They started looking at every object in sight and seeing if it could come alive. Some boring everyday objects suddenly came to life with an expression and we laughed a great deal. 🤣

But why am I telling you this in a business post?

We’re often called to “think out of the box”, “be creative” or solve problems, and that only comes once we can leave the well used ruts of our mind and try new paths, experiment and seek alternative perspectives. It’s not easy, our brain is an organ of habit, and we are used to producing “more of the same” thinking. We just try harder down the same paths.

Acquiring new perspectives is something we need to learn and practice. If you need more creative and innovative ideas, new perspectives in you team, I can help you build a culture that fosters that… and we don’t need to stick googly eyes in order to do so. 😉

PS: In case you’re wondering, in my excitement to see what would happen, I had forgotten to set any rules or limits for my children. Once the activity was launched, I realised this and decided to let them stick them wherever. I didn’t want to engage them in a creative exercise and then stifle it because they were doing stuff I wasn’t comfortable with.