In a traditional meeting, Pareto’s famous law also applies: 20% of participants generate 80% of the thinking, and most of the time, shy or introverted people don’t speak up.

Does that mean that if you’re shy, you have nothing relevant to say? That if you speak loudly, you’re inevitably right? That would be such a pity, wouldn’t it?

I’m convinced that everyone in an organisation has interesting ideas, that everyone can bring their own perspective to the table to create a rich and complete kaleidoscope of the situation.

This is the objective of the Lego method in business: to enable teams to speak the same language, reflect, share and litterally see what others are thinking whilst co-creating a common direction. We put everyone on the same level, regardless of hierarchy, cultural differences, etc.

Lego bricks are really well suited to this kind of exercise.

  • No need for special technical skills
  • Many people are already familiar with the object
  • The hands are connected to the brain (playing with your hands allows you to be more creative, making the most of the power of the human brain, calling on the area of the brain that is usually little used in business, where our creative potential lies dormant).
  • Quick to use

Another significant advantage is the attractive return on investment, as one day is often all it takes to get the first interesting results!

As a Certified Lego Serious Play facilitator, Yinsight:

  • Designs, organises and runs the workshop for you
  • Ensures you and your team get the best value from the time spent together
  • Supports the creation of a unique content that participants will remember and connect to.