I recently ran a Lego® workshop where the participants were wearing slippers.

They were wide awake, but they were simply already at the workshop, comfortably seated in their living room. For reasons of confidentiality, we decided to hold the workshop in the manager’s living room. And it didn’t make the workshop any less effective – on the contrary!

When I run a Lego® Serious Play® workshop, I always have to adapt to my environment: the venue, the configuration of the room available to me. I’ve had my share of setbacks, such as tables that were impossible to move because of their weight or that were bolted to the floor.

This has proved to me on several occasions that you can always adapt, that it’s the Lego® Serious Play® process that’s important and brings richness. Because in the end, it’s the Lego® workshop alone that provides the framework and allows ideas to emerge. It doesn’t matter where or how people are seated or dressed.