During my last trip abroad, I had the pleasure to visit the company Synaps, in Lebanon : a research laboratory that produces knowledge to serve society on three themes: everyday economics, environmental stress, and digital transformation.

The aim of the workshop was to help the team to structure and synthesise all their ideas.

To achieve this, I suggested a Lego Serious Play workshop: one of my favourite methods to improve team cohesion and enable everyone in an organization to express themselves with confidence and get involved in the different projects.

This methodology helped the Synaps team succeed in defining its global strategy in a fun and original way.

The trip was also an opportunity for me to test out my brand new travel companion. A suitcase with Yinsight colours, which contains everything needed to run a workshop (and make it easier to tidy up afterwards).

A Lego Serious Play workshop usually requires some logistics and, now, I can take a Lego Serious Play workshop wherever I want and I can suggest one very spontaneously. In the end, this suitcase looks just like me 🙂

I hope that my Yinsight case will travel for miles, in order to help companies in their development :

  • Optimise team thinking
  • Unite all the players
  • Define a strategy and a vision
  • Make better and faster decisions
  • Resolve potential conflicts

If you’re interested in learning more about the method, or would like to book a workshop, don’t hesitate to contact me!