How does Yinsight contribute, in it’s own and at a local level, to the community?

Here’s an example: after each Lego Serious Play workshop that I run, I subcontract the sorting and repackaging of the Lego parts kits to a local ESAT. This establishment provides disabled people with a range of vocational activities and medical, social and educational support to help them achieve personal and social fulfilment.

Lego sorting is a particularly well-suited activity for the people who work at the ESAT, and they do a high-quality job. But it’s not all plain sailing! Working with mentally and physically handicapped people requires adaptation. In this particular case, it’s essential that the process be very straightforward.

I’ve had to learn a lot with the help of the ESAT educators to produce clear instructions that are easy to understand for people with mental disabilities. Lego regularly modifies its parts and if one of them doesn’t correspond exactly to the nomenclature provided (image, description, colour, size, quantity), the person doing the work doesn’t necessarily know how to adapt or what to do. We’ve been working in partnership for several years now, and I’ve been developing the nomenclature and the work. The entire sorting process is described in extremely precise terms: image, description, colour, tail, etc.

For me, this partnership has nothing but advantages:

  • For my customers, it saves them having to buy new kits and therefore reduces the budget for my workshops.
  • It guarantees me a quality service with complete kits.
  • It gives work to a local ESAT and I’m helping to support the people employed there.